On Hollywood Blvd, Between Western Ave. and Highland Ave.


We are Proud to present the annual Los Angeles Culture Festival and Hollywood Carnival Parade - a world culture festival - expressing the colors of culture and freedom of the world as one people. This is a celebration of our cultures and traditions, featuring colorful costumes, dances, food, arts & crafts and music from around the world.

On Saturday, June 29, 2019, Los Angeles' Hollywood Boulevard will miraculously transform into a Grand Carnival & Street Extravaganza with parade goers and masqueraders with fantasy costumes, queens, dressed in vibrant, breathtaking costumes dancing to pulsating rhythms of the world. The celebration will commence with the Grand Marshal and Parade Queen cutting the ribbon for the Parade of the Bands, on the world-famous Hollywood Blvd and Western Ave. The Parade will continue for three (3) miles ending on N. Highland Ave., the main entrance to the Carnival Culture Village. Our Parade and culture village will feature several well-known celebrities from various genres, including movie stars and music icons.

We highly anticipate that like previous years this cultural fusion will attract thousands of people. This dynamic, family-friendly programming is a great 10-hour showcase of the world cultures in the world-famous Hollywood.

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